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by:sutui678ぐヴゴ HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.44. A man's greatest bankruptcy is despair and his greatest asset is hope.

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    快三平台所有网站The tragedy of life is not that a man loses, but that he nearly wins....

  • 94. Tears are not to exclude external sadness, but to cry freely.

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    Be sure to be confident that you are a landscape and don't have to look up in others....

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    113. There is no way out, there is no way out....

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    19. Most people want to transform the world, but few want to transform themselves....

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    快三平台所有网站88. When you are poor, be less at home and more outside. When you are rich, be more at home and less outside. This is the art of life. When you are poor, money is spent on others, and when you are rich, money is spent on yourself. A lot of people, they're upside down....

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    You may not go to college! But you must not fight!...

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    80. A coward drowns in calm and calm when he is in shock....

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